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Не стесняйтесь закладки ничего в моей галерее.
Несанкционированное воспроизведение запрещено.



Fri Feb 7, 2014, 3:55 PM
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Sun Jun 23, 2013, 7:00 PM

Did you know?

The human eye is capable of detecting single photons. This was demonstrated in a dark room where test subjects had to look for a pinhole which only allowed one photon per second to pass. Most people were able to locate the flashing photon source, because the human retina has far more photoreceptors than any man-made spectroscopy instrument.

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:icongunscheplz::iconsaysplz:Russia has succesfully acquired Crimea.
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:icongunscheplz::iconsaysplz:Putin will continue to take over the rest of Ukraine.
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:icondownfallhitlerplz::iconsaysplz:Putin is more dangerous than Fegelein!

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Pocker Monaters

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 5, 2014, 11:27 AM

Yep. I've been playing Pocker Monaters VietCrystal lately. I'm currently training for the battle against the "Four Emperors" and Wangdalu (a.k.a. Du).

So here's a summary of my VietCrystal team (so far):

Active Roster:

Marin/Don ♀ Level 44 (Captain): She is a Don who ambushed me in Ltowe. At that time my entire team was underleveled, so fighting her was a pain in a arsch. But eventually Marin was taken down and grasped by a Speeball. Marin later challenged the Husibie Gymnasium and beated everyone down, including Yifuji. Marin knows Sno, ____, Noonli and Wind. I'm planning to teach Marin how to use H-Bomb later after I get to Guandong.

Gretl/Pijia ♀ Level 38: My second in command. She was a "little strawberry me baby" grasped just outside of Ruoye Town, making her my first elf grasped. Gretl knows Flew, Sand, Flap and Hypnosi.

Gerda/Yedea ♀ Level 36: Gerda was first grasped as a Hehe the same night Gretl was grasped, and later envolved into a Yedea. She assists me in grasping elfs by making wild elfs sleep with the move Spec. Aside from Spec, she also knows Flew, Bloc and Rush.

Miku/Aoco ♀ Level 32: Miku was grasped near Ragelake on an early morning. Although powerful at first, she was later replaced by Gretl after Gretl envolved. Nevertheless, Miku single-handedly obliterated the entire Missile Bomb hideout underneath Zhangzhi town. Miku knows Flew, Saw, Whip and Abnorma.

????/Baboo ♂ Level 40: A Bird given to me by I%/ as a mail carrier, which later envoled into a Baboo. He was supposed to be handed to the fatty along with the mail that was attached to him, but I used a switch-and-bait strategy and gave the mail to a Hushu I grasped immediately after, and exchanged the Hushu for the Skil Machine Eyes. He is always holding a Coibag, and earns 150% more experience from battles because he is not really my elf. ???? knows Aurora, Flew, Empli and Mess.

Sushi/Jinde ♂ (Shine) Level 32: A Shine Jinde found in the middle of Ragelake. He serves as a Secre Slave and was rarely used in actual battles. Sushi gave me a Pipiaida which I exchanged for the Coibag from Elf Grandfather. Sushi knows Mad, Wa-gun, Power and Plane.

Sent to the pilllory (retired):

Megan/Mukei ♀ Level 34: My starter elf. She was a Qiaok which envoled into a Beil, and later envolved into a Mukei. She quickly falled into disuse after she was repeatedly beated down by worm elfs. Megan knows Proud, Contro, Bloc and Ironbar.

Itchy/Yifu ♀ Level 35 (Former Captain): A Yifu given to me by Zhenfen after beating down Xiaoyu (a.k.a. Dana Dynamite Beauty Miss) the Xiaojin Gymnasium Curator. She was named Itchy because she was infested with fleas. Itchy marauded the Yuanzhu City Gymnasium, because she was immune to Ghost-types while at the same time stared them to death. Itchy holds a Pear, which prevents her from envolving. Itchy knows Stare, Sand, Hypnosi and Hit.

Inge/Lapu ♀ Level 20: A Lapu found on a Fryday nitht inside the deeper parts of Joincave. She didn't put up much of a fight against Sushi, and was promptly grasped. Afterwards she was sent to Zhenfen's PC and never seen again. Inge knows Bite, ____, Fir and Proud.

:iconbombbirdplz::iconsaysplz:But he who is unjust is doomed to destruction.

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Elsys Ilyanovskaya St.Valencia
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Welcome to!

I am Elsys St. Valencia (birth name Ilizabet Ilyanovsk) originally from Soviet Union. Worldwide most mean Russia is so boobs and really quite easy, but rumors say there are in. When it is young, it goes in an elementary school of Hokkaido and is to the standard of the elementary school if it is a Japanese story. Furthermore, it goes to the People's Republic of China for studying abroad as an exchange student in 2011 and understand even Chinese only a little.

It studies organic chemistry (including composition and the processing of the catalyst in particular) now in Canada. Thanks to a graduation thesis, the life is considerably busy. It updates the street, the illustration of irregular production.

Anyway, e-mail it willingly whenever there are questions or problems affecting chemistry. It helps the number and but is in what it is pleased with.

Request, exchange picture, substitution do not do it. Thank you for approving it.

The reproduction without permission prohibits the all contents of our site.

Contact information information:

Windows Live: (I contribute it in 2012 and stop. Refer instead in Skype.)
Skype: live:pearl_6
An E-mail:


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